But what happens with the funds not spent? | West Midlands

When maintenance fees are issued, we are sure you can appreciate that the amount invoiced is based on estimated costs for your site over a certain period of time.

But what happens with the funds not spent? I hear you say…

The money collected through maintenance fees are and should be treated in line with Section 42 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, which requires any monies collected to be held on trust.



Service Charges – Summary of tenants’ rights and obligations

Did you know that a “Summary of tenants’ rights and obligations” must by law accompany a demand for service charge.


Maintenance Fees | West Midlands

I had a reminder the other day that Christmas was on it’s way; won’t be long before the shops stock up with everything festive and your bank card is in need of a rest.

Now is an ideal time for you to plan ahead…

Helpful tips…..

… Start by writing a list of items you need to take with you every time you go shopping. Shops spend a lot of time planning displays and offers to make you think you need them when in fact you don’t.

…. Plan your menu for the week, this will help you create your shopping list and only buy items that you know you will use.
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