Keeping warm this winter

With November just around the corner here are some basic tips for helping to keep you and your home warm this winter, maybe even saving you money.


Sunlight-Our free form of heat. Even in the winter months the sun can help heat our homes. Make sure in the day the curtains are open to let in the heat to warm up your home.

Draughts-Its amazing how just small draughts can make a big difference to the temperature of your home. Check for gaps at the bottom of your doors, if there is a big gap having a draught excluder could make a big difference. Also check your letter box, if it doesn’t have a brush inside-again you could be losing heat.

Curtains-At dusk help keep that heat in with a nice thick pair of curtains. This will help prevent heat loss and could make a big difference.

Don’t block radiators-If large items of furniture are against your radiators they could be absorbing the heat. Look for possible room alterations to maximise the temperature.

Shut the door- Keep the doors shut for the rooms you are not using, keeping the heat in the room you do use.

Layer up-Find those extra thick jumpers, cosy slippers and blankets. Helps by keeping body heat in and protecting you from the chill.

Food and drink- Baking and cooking can help warm your home. A nice hot drink also helps.

Keep active-Exercise will heat the body up, even doing housework at a colder time of day will prevent you from feeling the chill.


We hope these simple tips help you stay warm this winter.



Fire on site! Quick actions and communication save the day

How many times do we take alarms for granted??

Yesterday when a resident heard an alarm from inside an apartment she luckily took notice, She had previously seen the resident leave the apartment block and could start to smell smoke. She called us and then the emergency services were called.

The communal alarms went off and everyone evacuated safely.

The fire service attended and there was no damage done.

We would like to thank the resident and we are pleased this situation was dealt with efficiently and effectively for the safety of all residents.

Also a reminder if you do hear alarms remember…it could be for real.





Phillips v Francis UPDATE

The Phillips v Francis case was heard in the Court of Appeal last week, so far no decision has been announced but we understand it might be good news.


ARMA has a new Chairman

On 15th October 2014 ARMA held their Annual General Meeting, where they saw Ben Jordan retire and elected Martin Perry in his place.



Do you know your lease agreement?

When you buy a leasehold property you need to comply to the terms of the lease. Each lease can vary for different properties so it is worth while knowing what your lease says.

For example-Many leases won’t allow pets and some won’t allow instruments. If you break the terms of the lease you could be at risk of losing your home.

Also be aware that the lease will be a term of so many years often starting from 99 years when built, be aware of how long you have left of your lease and look into when is best to extend the term.

If we manage your leasehold property and you are unsure and need help feel free to email us on customerservices@kt-management.co.uk

Also for free online advice visit www.lease-advice.org


ARMA 2014 Conference

The ARMA 2014 Conference is going to take place on 16th October 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster. If it is anything like last year, we’re expecting good things.


ARMA AGM 15th October 2014

The ARMA AGM is going to take place tomorrow, can’t wait to find out what they have planned for the future. www.arma.org.uk