Recycling – Tis the season to recycle!

During the festive period, many of us are guilty for using almost anything that’s disposable. From wrapping paper to paper plates, napkins, plastic cutlery and even disposable table cloths!

But what happens when it’s all over? Where does all this stuff go? Well the majority of it ends up in landfill… here are a few Christmas waste facts to put it into perspective!

  • 74 million mince pies are thrown away every year
  • The wrapping paper we throw away is enough to stretch around the world nine times!
  • The card packaging that gets thrown away is enough to cover Big Ben 260,000 times!
  • 13,350 tonnes of glass waste is thrown away each Christmas, if this was recycled instead it would save the CO2 equivalent of taking 1,300 cars off the road for a year!
  • 1 billion Christmas cards could end up in the bin after December 25th!

Now that’s a lot of waste! Here are some tips on how you can recycle your waste this Christmas!

  • Before recycling, remove any sticky tape and decorations such as ribbons and bows as these cannot be recycled!
  • Try using gift bags instead of paper! As you can reuse them again next year and save on paper!
  • Instead of throwing food in the bin, chuck it in your compost bin if you have one! Add fruit and vegetable scraps, potato peelings, tea bags, coffee grounds, eggshells and flowers to your compost heap this Christmas. But don’t put meat such as ham or turkey in there as this will attract larger pests such as rats and foxes
  • Use the un-recyclable parts of cards and wrapping paper (metallic and glitter paper cannot be recycled!) and cut them up and to make new cards or gift tags out of them for next year!
  • Christmas trees are a little tricky, but most council-run tips and shred used Christmas trees to make chippings that are used in public parks. Otherwise, see if your local council do a collection service. You could even strip the branches yourself and use the pine needles as unique potpourri!

For extra information on recycling Christmas waste have a look at the link below!


Otherwise contact your local council if you’re unsure as to what you can and can’t put in your recycling bins!

If you want to know more about our commitments click here

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Poor ventilation!

Control and prevent damp… Condensation is your enemy! Here’s how to reduce it!

One of the most common causes of damp – is;

Poor ventilation!

However, it may be caused by other factors… such as poor insulation, the use of bottled gas fires and paraffin heaters – which can bring large amounts of water vapour into the air. Leaving empty homes closed up and unheated also attracts damp.

But you can avoid this by;

– Properly ventilating your home by ensuring that air bricks are not papered over internally or being blocked up outside. A simple look around should determine whether this is the problem and can be easily resolved by fitting a decorative grill!

-Giving your home the proper insulation it needs by injecting cavity wall insulation or using thin polystyrene lining that can be put up like wallpaper and then papered over! Preventing the walls from going cold and stops condensation forming is key!

-Extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom can also increase ventilation and lessen excess moisture. Dehumidifiers can also be used if you want to go that extra mile during the winter months!

-Try to air your clothes outside after washing… as this stops any excess moisture from being trapped when you air them inside!

-When cooking food make sure you open a window and keep the kitchen door closed, the moisture from your steaming pots can build up moisture in cooler rooms causing condensation when it touches a cold window for example! The same goes for taking a shower and putting the kettle on… so keep your doors closed and windows open!


Tips on keeping warm this winter……

Tips on keeping warm this winter……

How to save on heating bills!

With the temperatures dropping, everyone immediately turns the thermostat up, but that means higher bills…

To avoid sky high heating bills this winter here are some simple no cost to low cost tips and tricks to help keep your home warm:

  • Move furniture away from vents to help heat circulate the room
  • If you have a ceiling fan, set the rotation to a clockwise direction to help push heat down from the ceiling
  • Roll up a towel to use as a make shift draught excluder and place at the bottom of doors and by windows to keep drafts at bay – other homemade draft excluders can be- an old pair of tights stuffed with old socks or newspaper, you can also use old trousers and sew up the legs, old curtains – the possibilities are endless… and cheap!
  • Close the door in the room you’re in to trap in the heat and close doors to unused rooms. Think of all that wasted heat that’s travelling through those empty rooms… it just doesn’t make sense! Use your head and keep those doors shut!
  • Purchase weather strips and use them on your windows; they seal in the heat and stop air escaping. These are fairly cheap to buy and easy to apply, making them cost efficient and effective at keeping those bills low…
  • Keep your radiators clear; don’t block them with furniture as it will absorb the heat. So yes that may mean moving your favourite chair from in front of the radiator as really it was stealing all that radiator heat!
  • Set a timer for your heating to come on when you’re in the house and to go off when you’re out or when you go to bed – it’s not necessarily true that you should keep it on all day – especially when nobody is at home. Think of the money you could be saving!
  • Invest in some thick curtains and they trap in the heat, but make sure to open them during the day to let the sunlight in –  use as much as all of that natural heat from the sun! then close them once dusk hits to make sure that your home retains as much heat as possible.

Management For Freeholders

property-managementWhen you hear the term service charge most will associate this with leasehold apartments. The fee paid to maintain communal corridors, the grounds maintenance, buildings insurance and the long term plan for the apartment block.

KT-Management have found construction companies are using our services more for new housing developments. This is because Local Authorities don’t always adopt the areas of private land around a new build housing development. Dependant on the site requirements we manage private roads, grass verges, any greenery, street lighting, water pumping stations, walls and much more. We prepare an annual budget to cover these costs and all (or part dependant on the terms and site)of the freeholders contribute a small amount to cover these works. Terms will be found in the deeds when purchasing the freehold property.

Here at KT-Management we also prepare a long term plan and each homeowner puts aside a small amount into a reserve fund, this then covers any wear and tear that may occur on sites and prevents owners receiving a large bill if major repairs are needed.

We work hard to make freehold site management affordable with the best interest of the site and residents in mind, so you can enjoy your new home with piece of mind that the surrounding areas are well looked after.

If you require our services please contact Kailee on 01384 573637 or kailee.hurdiss@kt-management.co.uk


Case Study-Working With Contractors

contractorsHere at KT-Management we can come across a variety of different maintenance issues when looking after apartment blocks. With our extensive check list that we use on our site visits, we try and be pro active not reactive. Responding to maintenance issues in a swift and professional manor is very important to us.

Over the years we have built up a large database of reliable and trusted contractors, but we are still happy to build new relationships with new and local contractors to provide our clients with a variety of services at competitive prices..

Every day is different when managing apartment blocks, we have some common faults for example replacing light bulbs to more complex situations like the case study I will reflect on now.

We had a situation in a block of apartments that effected three residents. The toilet in the ground floor apartment was backing up, not only into the ground floor apartment but the first floor apartment also. With the second floor apartment experiencing smells.

The first thing we did was to arrange for a professional expert to attend the site to assess the situation , we also attended site to meet the residents involved and to inform them that we were dealing with the situation.

It was established that the bathroom floor and suite in the ground floor apartment would need to be lifted to fix the problems with the shared soil stack. This is when we had to communicate with our own contactor and that of the residents plumber to put the bathroom back to how it was. We also updated all parties involved as to what work was being carried out and timescale for completion. This issue was resolved swiftly with all residents remaining informed.

With more complex maintenance issues communication is vital to make sure there is as little disruption as possible for residents. Also we can communication between contractors so they are aware of the situation and can get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.





Service Improvements

Here at KT-Management we are always looking at ways to improve our services. With this in mind we have upgraded our phone systems so you can be directed to the department you require.

There are also more options and information on our out of hours emergency line. 

Here is a reminder of our new address

Unit 4 Shaw House

Wychbury Court

Two Woods Lane

Merry Hill




Fly Tipping

no fly tipping Communal bins are provided for apartment sites for general waste, although the bins are large these are not to be filled with other household items and furniture.

Larger items being dumped and items on the floor can result in the bin men not collecting any of the rubbish.

Arranging for removal of extra items comes at a cost in which the homeowner has to pay. Even if you rent you may find your rental fee increases as the landlords fees increase.

Here is a link for you to find your local- Recycling Centre.

Also you can help local charities by giving unwanted furniture to them. British Heart Foundation for example do a free-collection service.

If you see anyone fly tipping please inform us of any details as fly tipping is an offence.

KT-Management working together for a nice, clean and safe environment to live.


Working Together In The Community

community We would like to thank PC Green for attending an AGM with residents for a site we manage in Coventry.

Thanks also to Sandwell Council for their support on a fly tipping issue.

KT-Management working together within the community for the best results for residents.


Black Country Chamber of Commerce News

Black country chamberWe are members of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and they have published our recent accreditation on their website. Please click the link to read-




ARMA-Q Accreditation in the Local Paper

KT Certificate Our recent accreditation has been noted by the local paper.


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