ARMA 2014 Conference

The ARMA 2014 Conference is going to take place on 16th October 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster. If it is anything like last year, we’re expecting good things.


ARMA AGM 15th October 2014

The ARMA AGM is going to take place tomorrow, can’t wait to find out what they have planned for the future. www.arma.org.uk


New Landlord Migrant Check Scheme

Are you a landlord? do you know who is in your property?

From December, private Landlords in the Midlands will face fines of up to £3,000 if they fail to carry out checks on their tenants, according to the Home Office.

The “Right to Rent” scheme is the first phase in a drive to create a hostile environment for illegal migrants in Britain and to deny them access to public services they are not entitled to.

The Home Office has released an official Code of Practice suggesting that everyone’s immigration status should be checked to avoid accusations of discrimination. (Immediate family members will be exempt).

Soon all Midland¬†Landlords will be required to request evidence of a person’s identity and citizenship such as a passport. The Landlord will be required to obtain and retain a copy for a 12 month period after the tenancy ends. There are exemptions to this however for full details see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/right-to-rent-landlords-code-of-practice


Fire Door Safety Week 15-21 September 2014

Fire door safety week is on it’s way to raise awareness of the critical role that a fire door plays in your safety.

If you want to learn more go to www.firedoorsafetyweek.co.uk


Does your bin stores look as good as this?

We have just had some lovely new gates fitted to a bin stores on one of our sites that was experiencing a little trouble with fly tipping and unwelcome strangers. Thank you for all the lovely feedback we have had.

How smart are our bin stores looking?

How smart are our bin stores looking? Can you see the floor in yours?


Proposals to Improve Property Management Services

Earlier in the year the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) conducted a study into the service provided by residential property management companies in England and Wales and have identified some concerns on how the market works.

As a result of the study it is the CMA’s intention to seek remedial action to improve the performance of the market and to provide leaseholders with a better outcome. The main issues that were highlighted were unnecessary or excessive charging for services, poor service quality, poor communication and insufficient transparency. At the moment we understand that the CMA are seeking possible remedies to the problems identified in order to develop recommendations for the industry.

Click here for more information



Dispute over airspace development – Waites v Hambledon Court

The freeholder of a garage block leased the airspace above some garages to a developer with the intention of constructing flats on top of each garage. This was opposed by a flat owner who stated that their lease gave them ownership to the parts that the developer proposed to be developed. The Court found in favour of the flat owner and rejected the developers argument that the roof and airspace should be excluded from the tenants’ ownership.


How many Leaseholds

Did you know that there is an estimate of 2.8 million leasehold flats in England, according to the government.

Looking for a management company to look after them, contact us 01384 573 637 or email us info@kt-management.co.uk


Budgeting for 2015 Service Charges

It is that time of year again when we put the wheels in motion for the 2015 Service Charge Budgets. Our Property Managers are busy bees identifying items on site that will need attention over the next 12-18 months as well as getting in the final quotes, ready for our Budget Meetings.


Are your Service Charge Demands Correct?

In order for a Service Charge demand to be valid by law, each demand must be made in writing and accompanied by the up to date version of the summary of tenants’ rights and obligations in England.