Gas and Electric | Residential Properties

Do you read your meters regularly? if not, why not?

By reading your meters whether it is for gas or electric you will be able to help your energy supplier provide more accurate bills; which will also help you with your monthly spend.
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Tips On Being A Excellent Neighbour | Noise

Thinking of inviting some friends round?

Being social can be fun especially when family and friends visit; however your ‘fun’ can be a nightmare to others regardless where you live.

A great way around this is to talk to your neighbors especially if you live in an apartment and just let them know that you are having a few friends round and may cause some noise; it’s an ideal way to get to know your neighbors as well.

Obviously if your idea of a get together involves loud music, offensive language, fights, property damage, let alone causing a mess whether this is contained within the property or spills out into communal areas….. think again!
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Time to Save On Your Utilities | Utility Warehouse

Are you looking to make saving on you household bills such as gas, electric, phone and broadband?

If yes, then I want to let you know about this website https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/home/index…..

……which? has rated the Utiltiy Warehouse the best energy supplier for five years running as well as rating them higher then the top leading companies for quality products, customer service, value for money and accuracy of bills.

So… where would you like to start saving? timeforachange@utilitywarehouse.org.uk


Right to First Refusal (RFR) | Want to buy your Freehold?

What is it?

Right to First Refusal is where qualifying tenants have the right to first refusal to buy their freehold from their landlord where the landlord has expressed an intention to dispose of their interest in the building.

What it means for you?
By law, if you are a qualifying tenant, your landlord must serve a formal notice giving you the option to buy before another buyer is found. They are also required to give you a reasonable timeframe to consider the option.
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ARMA-Q | On it’s way

Did you know that the UK Government does not regulate the leasehold management sector and has no intention to do so in future….

This has lead ARMA (the trade association for companies in the leasehold management sector) to develop ARMA-Q.

ARMA-Q is designed to self-regulate ARMA members by producing standards for members to follow, promoting good practice within the sector in order for you as a customer to benefit.


Services, What services? | Maintenance Fee

Has it ever crossed your mind that your management company isn’t providing the services you thought you’d get?…

If yes, have you thought about why that thought crossed your mind?

There may be a number of reasons why you feel this way including the obvious which is…. you’re not receiving the service. However, there may be other reasons for you to consider, such as:

You are kept in the dark about visits: The majority of contractors used will be on some sort of schedule whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or set dates during the year.
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But what happens with the funds not spent? | West Midlands

When maintenance fees are issued, we are sure you can appreciate that the amount invoiced is based on estimated costs for your site over a certain period of time.

But what happens with the funds not spent? I hear you say…

The money collected through maintenance fees are and should be treated in line with Section 42 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, which requires any monies collected to be held on trust.



Service Charges – Summary of tenants’ rights and obligations

Did you know that a “Summary of tenants’ rights and obligations” must by law accompany a demand for service charge.


Maintenance Fees | West Midlands

I had a reminder the other day that Christmas was on it’s way; won’t be long before the shops stock up with everything festive and your bank card is in need of a rest.

Now is an ideal time for you to plan ahead…

Helpful tips…..

… Start by writing a list of items you need to take with you every time you go shopping. Shops spend a lot of time planning displays and offers to make you think you need them when in fact you don’t.

…. Plan your menu for the week, this will help you create your shopping list and only buy items that you know you will use.
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