Dispute over airspace development – Waites v Hambledon Court

The freeholder of a garage block leased the airspace above some garages to a developer with the intention of constructing flats on top of each garage. This was opposed by a flat owner who stated that their lease gave them ownership to the parts that the developer proposed to be developed. The Court found in favour of the flat owner and rejected the developers argument that the roof and airspace should be excluded from the tenants’ ownership.


Budgeting for 2015 Service Charges

It is that time of year again when we put the wheels in motion for the 2015 Service Charge Budgets. Our Property Managers are busy bees identifying items on site that will need attention over the next 12-18 months as well as getting in the final quotes, ready for our Budget Meetings.


Did you know?….. You could lose your flat if you’re in breach of your Lease

In every Lease there are a number of obligations (or does and don’ts) that the flat owner is required to follow. This could include anything from when and how to pay the Service Charge to the actual usage of the flat itself.

In extreme cases where the flat owner does not fulfil the obligations set out in the Lease, legal action is highly likely resulting in the flat owner potentially losing their flat through the legal process called forfeiture.


Tips On Being A Excellent Neighbour | Animals

Thinking of getting a pet or have you already have one?

Do you remember as a child asking your parents if you could have a pet? to the point that it didn’t matter what it was as long as you had a pet…. maybe now as an adult you understand more, what it takes to be a animal owner and all the responsibilities the go with it.

On top of this… if you live in a leasehold property you should be aware that in every lease there will be a restriction of some sort in respect of animals.
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ARMA-Q | On it’s way

Did you know that the UK Government does not regulate the leasehold management sector and has no intention to do so in future….

This has lead ARMA (the trade association for companies in the leasehold management sector) to develop ARMA-Q.

ARMA-Q is designed to self-regulate ARMA members by producing standards for members to follow, promoting good practice within the sector in order for you as a customer to benefit.


Maintenance Fees | West Midlands

I had a reminder the other day that Christmas was on it’s way; won’t be long before the shops stock up with everything festive and your bank card is in need of a rest.

Now is an ideal time for you to plan ahead…

Helpful tips…..

… Start by writing a list of items you need to take with you every time you go shopping. Shops spend a lot of time planning displays and offers to make you think you need them when in fact you don’t.

…. Plan your menu for the week, this will help you create your shopping list and only buy items that you know you will use.
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