With November just around the corner here are some basic tips for helping to keep you and your home warm this winter, maybe even saving you money.


Sunlight-Our free form of heat. Even in the winter months the sun can help heat our homes. Make sure in the day the curtains are open to let in the heat to warm up your home.

Draughts-Its amazing how just small draughts can make a big difference to the temperature of your home. Check for gaps at the bottom of your doors, if there is a big gap having a draught excluder could make a big difference. Also check your letter box, if it doesn’t have a brush inside-again you could be losing heat.

Curtains-At dusk help keep that heat in with a nice thick pair of curtains. This will help prevent heat loss and could make a big difference.

Don’t block radiators-If large items of furniture are against your radiators they could be absorbing the heat. Look for possible room alterations to maximise the temperature.

Shut the door- Keep the doors shut for the rooms you are not using, keeping the heat in the room you do use.

Layer up-Find those extra thick jumpers, cosy slippers and blankets. Helps by keeping body heat in and protecting you from the chill.

Food and drink- Baking and cooking can help warm your home. A nice hot drink also helps.

Keep active-Exercise will heat the body up, even doing housework at a colder time of day will prevent you from feeling the chill.


We hope these simple tips help you stay warm this winter.

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