I had a reminder the other day that Christmas was on it’s way; won’t be long before the shops stock up with everything festive and your bank card is in need of a rest.

Now is an ideal time for you to plan ahead…

Helpful tips…..

… Start by writing a list of items you need to take with you every time you go shopping. Shops spend a lot of time planning displays and offers to make you think you need them when in fact you don’t.

…. Plan your menu for the week, this will help you create your shopping list and only buy items that you know you will use.

See if this cuts down your food wastage or out of date items.

…. Get on top of your finances; if you don’t know how you spent last months wages, it’s time to find out.

…. We’ve all got household bills; but have you checked out the latest offers or deals where you can save money or get a better service… I know I have.

…. Fancy a holiday or a night out? put a little a side every week it will soon mount up.

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