Prevent condensation and damp in your home


During the winter months some damp can often be caused by moisture coming from within the home.

Here are some basic tips to help prevent damp and condensation within your home-

  • Drying clothes- If you have to dry clothes inside try and use one room where you can open a window or there is a fan. If using a tumble dryer make sure the ventilation pipe leads outside.
  • Cooking-Try and keep pans covered, keep the kitchen door closed with the kitchen window open to allow moisture to escape outside not into your house.
  • Ventilation-Damp and condensation occurs when moisture can’t escape. If you have a fan in your bathroom turn it on whilst having a bath or shower and leave on for 30 minutes afterwards. Make sure other rooms are ventilated by opening the window slightly to allow fresh air to circulate and moisture to escape.
  • Windows-If you notice condensation on your windows wipe it off with a cloth. Allow the area to dry by slightly opening the window.
  • Keep your home warm-The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. If you keep your home warm it will keep condensation levels low. Even heating at a low level in your home will help prevent damp and condensation.
  • Furniture-Damp can often develop behind furniture placed against cold external walls. Leave a gap between the wall and the furniture to allow air to circulate preventing damp.
  • Mould-If you see any mould this should be wiped away using fungicidal spray following manufacturers instructions.
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