Our Services

Comprehensive ARMA-Q Leasehold Property Management Service

  • Day to day estate management
  • Building and estate maintenance Budgeting and cashflow management
  • Service Charge and Ground Rent collection and credit control
  • Service Charge accounting and reporting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Legal and statutory compliance and administration
  • Insurance administration
  • Tendering management
  • Reserve fund management
  • Pre-sales Enquiries administration

Tailored ARMA-Q Management Service

  • Residential management companies and estates
  • Right to manage
  • Developers
  • Landlords
  • Freeholders

We provide a cost-effective, high quality planned and reactive management services

Day to day estate management

Estate management is the first fundamental element to an effectively managed site. We work with our clients and contractors to ensure your estate is being well maintained and kept in good condition. Freeing you up to enjoy life.

Building and estate maintenance

As part of our day to day estate management we incorporate a maintenance program to identify and resolve both current and future maintenance issues, keeping your estate looking nice and tidy at all times.

Budgeting and cashflow management

With our clients in mind, we prepare service charge budgets using our special formula which has been designed to enable us to set each element of the budget to a reasonable level with anticipated costs in mind.

Cashflow management is the second fundamental element to an effectively managed site, as this enables us to ensure contractors are paid on time for the service they provide, whilst working with clients and their financial circumstances allowing you to manage your money and plan your next holiday.

Service Charge, Ground Rent collection and credit control

Once the budget has been approved, we will prepare and issue the service charge and ground rent invoices. Providing individuals will additional information to keep them in the picture and assisting us in managing the estate effectively.

For those who need a little encouragement to pay on time, we have an effective credit control system to ensure demands have been issued correctly and that support is available if necessary to ensure that everyone pays what they should.

Service Charge accounting and reporting

We will prepare the annual service charge accounts in line with the Landlords and Tenants Act. This will provide you with a clear, concise and transparent report on the estates finances; giving you peace of mind that every penny is accounted for and has been checked by an independent accountant.

Customer relationship management

Communication is the third fundamental element in an effectively managed site, we strive to break down communication barriers by providing a flexible, helpful and friendly service whilst remaining professional at all times. So, you have the knowledge that we are here to help.

Legal and statutory compliance and administration

We will maintain members and shareholders registers, as well as comply with legal and statutory obligations giving you peace of mind

Insurance administration

We will ensure that there is adequate insurance cover and sufficient funds available from our cashflow management, giving you and your lender peace of mind that the building insurance is just right.

Tendering management

We co-ordinate our knowledge of our clients, contractors and the service needed to enable us to obtain competitive quotes to advise and compare so that we can find the best contractor to meet our client’s needs. This gives you the knowledge that the services for your estate are competitive and have been chosen to meet the estates needs and requirements.

Reserve fund management

Where the Lease allows, we like to build up a reserve fund to fund long term maintenance works as well as keeping something aside for a rainy day. This reduces the risk of giving you an unexpected invoice and helps you manage your finances.

Pre-sales enquiries administration

We understand that when it’s time to move on; moving home is the most stressful activity you can do. This is why we have an effective and efficient system to assist you and helps reduce your stress levels leading up to your moving day.