Residents in apartments have a tendency to leave things in the communal areas, in particular hallways such as shoes and furniture. How often do you see residents in houses leaving their shoes, washing, bikes, prams, children toys and furniture on their front lawn for the public to see, let alone taking them?

Whilst communal areas are for the use residents; they are also a work place for contractors who keep the communal areas clean and tidy…. let alone visitors to the block, whether known or not.

How quick can you get out?

Have you ever missed a train because of the amount of people around you stopping you in your tracks? OR have you been to a sale and missed out on something you’ve been watching for months because you were beaten to it.

Now imagine….. just sitting down to eat your dinner, when your neighbour bangs on your door yelling ‘FIRE’ and for you to get out of the block…. you run into the hallway and down the stairs, to meet the elderly man’s scooter, wooden shoe rack and cardboard box full of newspapers ablaze at the bottom of the stairs…. blocking your way.

What do you do?

Jump over and run for the door? now image if you we’re blind or disabled in any way… could you do the same?

What about the elderly man in the apartment; blocked by his own belongings.

Keep the communal hallways clear.

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