Thinking of getting a pet or have you already have one?

Do you remember as a child asking your parents if you could have a pet? to the point that it didn’t matter what it was as long as you had a pet…. maybe now as an adult you understand more, what it takes to be a animal owner and all the responsibilities the go with it.

On top of this… if you live in a leasehold property you should be aware that in every lease there will be a restriction of some sort in respect of animals.

Thinking of others….

When living in a leasehold property it is very easy to shut yourself off from others and get on with your own thing; however it is essential that you bear others in mind as your actions may impact others, sometime for the good but also for the bad.

The majority of leases that we have come across include a clause stating that permission must be obtained to keep an animal within the property. Here are some reasons why permission may not be given:

FISH: There is always a possibility that the water tank will leak, damaging your property and any properties below (if you’re not on the ground floor). Remember water naturally flows down.

DOGS: Dogs have a habit of barking which is great for security, however if they are barking to your favorite theme tune for example, it can be very annoying to others.

You may have noticed that dogs go to the toilet anywhere they can, which has a knock on effect with others especially contractors…. did you know that animal waste can cause health problems.

SNAKES: Strange it is may seem snakes are kept as pets, but they have a habit of escaping into the cavities of buildings if not watched.

Not long ago I heard a story of a snake going missing in an old semi-detached house; several weeks later the snake slithered out of the fire place while an elderly couple was watching TV. What a shock they had….

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