Thinking of inviting some friends round?

Being social can be fun especially when family and friends visit; however your ‘fun’ can be a nightmare to others regardless where you live.

A great way around this is to talk to your neighbors especially if you live in an apartment and just let them know that you are having a few friends round and may cause some noise; it’s an ideal way to get to know your neighbors as well.

Obviously if your idea of a get together involves loud music, offensive language, fights, property damage, let alone causing a mess whether this is contained within the property or spills out into communal areas….. think again!

Just for Landlords.

Those of you who are Landlords, just remember that regardless who’s in your property, it is still your responsibility to ensure that the Clauses within your Lease are adhered to, to ensure you don’t become in breach of your Lease.

Are you in need of some beauty sleep?

If you are experiencing sleepless nights then there are some steps you can take:
1) Start a relationship with your neighbours and talk to each other if you have a problem.
2) Use a mediation service to talk through the problems if talking to each other hasn’t worked.
3) Contact your local authority to investigate your complaint under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
4) Take legal action.
It is vital that you keep a record of each occurrence including dates, times and details of the occurrence in case evidence is required to support your complaint.

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